The Victim Trap….How to Shift Your Energy

April 15, 2016 0 Comments

How often do you feel you’re failing in your relationships at home and at work? Are you feeling unworthy, have low-self-esteem, feeling persecuted for every mistake you.

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Being a Couple Matters and so Does Your Relationship

April 9, 2016 0 Comments

  It’s another day, and what happens in your relationship? Do you wake up feeling loved, exchange a hug, a kiss, and a verbal acknowledgement.

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How Feelings of Loss Affect Our Work and Personal Relationships

April 8, 2016 0 Comments

Any loss is terrible, be it the loss of a son or daughter, parent or grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, or spouse. Losing someone you care.

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What’s Catabolic Energy? And How to Make the Shift in Your Relationships

April 7, 2016 0 Comments

Negative energy can be triggered by many different outside factors in our lives. Fear of the unknown, dealing with loss, abandonment, isolation, and feeling like.

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