Back to the Days of Christopher Robin and Pooh

Have you ever been near someone who has the power of absolutely lighting you up?

When there is a special connection between two people, the feeling that swells up inside you is almost indescribable. The excitement and the added racing of your heart, takes hold of you like nothing else in this world.

Connection is a magical feeling that has an abundance of positive effect on the human mind. If you are experiencing self-doubt, lack of confidence, or just sheer melancholy, making a connection with someone who gives you joy can erase all of these emotions that have the power to keep you in a bad place.

Wouldn’t it be magnificent if we could make at least one connection like this every day?

You do have the power to make connections that encourage an optimistic attitude. Some of your connections are just more effective than others.

Listening to music is one of the mightiest forces around to change the mood you are experiencing. When you listen to music that you appreciate, it creates a reaction where you can become highly motivated and even productive.

The best part about music, is that it can make you happier.

Listening to music at work can increase your work performance.Studies show that if employees are allowed to listen to music of their choice, they can actually complete tasks faster and also, come up with better ideas than those who have no control over their musical choices.

Listening to music not only improves your mood, but it helps you have a better sense of control of your life. You feel more hopeful, and you also receive the benefit of chronic stress reduction when you listen to or play music.

Music is a natural healer, because it is has the power to bring out the best in you, whether you listen for pleasure, mood elevation, or to be a more productive person. It’s ALL GOOD!

Kenny Loggins, recently performed in Nevada. It was a spectacular event! The man has incredible energy and artistry. Enjoy the video I am sharing with you that re-connected me with the magic and positive power of his music.

“There is only one way by which you can achieve prosperity. It is to take charge of your mind.”
Eric Butterworth

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