Relationship Breakthrough Transformation


Do you feel like you’re no longer growing in a once thriving relationship? Are you experiencing constant disagreements with people you work with, creating issues you just don’t want to face?

Are you down on yourself because you refuse to admit you’re living in an unfulfilling relationship that you would rather pretend to accept, than to get the help you need?

If you are experiencing more down days than you’d like to admit and you have no idea what to do about it …… Starting today, right now, you have the opportunity to change your life!

Discover the benefits of the Relationship Breakthrough Transformation program:


  • Discover the real cause of stress and overwhelm and how to neutralize it…. so that you can get back on track in your relationship
  • Become the real leader of your life
  • Fire up your power of choice….so you feel strong in every relationship
  • Get clarity and focus
  • Stoke the flames of being more positive
  • Understand patterns and dynamics in your stress and move forward positively
  • If your motivation has waned- discover why!...and recapture the joy of living
  • Discover what fuels your motivation and stay on track with all your relationships…for months and years ahead

Have you ever read a book that changed your perspective? Or did you have an experience that altered your life in ways you never dreamed possible? Well, my husband and I had a major life change in our relationship when we both decided to invest in making positive changes. The results of this experience changed the course of our marriage forever, and made me a true believer in the power of commitment to change.

I know what we learned will make a difference in all aspects of your life, including your relationship, your business and in yourself.

I was so excited with my happy ending, that I couldn’t wait to share with others how they too could realize their happy ending.

So, I created a program called, “Relationship Breakthrough Transformation.”

With Relationship Breakthrough Transformation, you will be able to choose the next steps you’ll take toward a rewarding path of rebuilding trust in any relationship whether it is a personal or professional one.  You will see that you have a choice to navigate the course of your life.

This program will change your life and how you look at your relationships – for the BETTER!

The Energy Leadership Index is the foundation of this program. It will reveal to you the specific filters you have developed and how those filters are impacting your everyday life experiences.

I guarantee the Energy Leadership Index will inspire you to reach for remarkable results in your life.

Would you like to learn the secret to attaining healthy, positive relationships?


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Here’s an Opportunity to Change Your Life:

  • You will alter your attitude and perspective
  • You will make a shift in your consciousness
  • And, increase your energy and leadership effectiveness
  • There are no limits as to the potential growth that you can achieve, once you realize that your level of consciousness is directly related to your actions
  • The results will transform the quality of your relationships immediately

Here are even MORE benefits you’ll receive when you register for the Relationship Breakthrough Transformation Program:

  • You will see how different energy shows up in your relationships in your home and work life.
  • You will receive clarity and direction in what to do next.
  • You will find out how your thinking and your life situations might be creating stress for you, and what to do about it.
  • You will uncover internal energy blocks that are holding you back from success, happiness and purpose.

Relationship Breakthrough Transformation program is for you if:

  • You believe there are no limits to the potential growth you can achieve in your relationships!
  • You are ready to kick stress and negativity to the curb, once and for all!
  • If you want to know the secret to help identify what is stopping you from achieving all of your relationship goals!

Relationship Breakthrough Transformation program is not for you if:

  • You think your relationships are perfect and there is no need for growth or change
  • You prefer to continue down the same path of negativity and stress
  • You would rather live life engaged in judgment, and being a victim

Are you ready for fantastic relationships you can be proud of?

Are you ready to alter your attitude, shift the negativity in your life and boost higher energy in your relationships, so that you can finally have the relationships you want?

Begin your journey for Relationship Breakthrough Transformation NOW!


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Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Relationship Breakthrough Transformation Program   Value = $350.00
  • The proven and tested Energy Leadership Index that evaluates how you show up in your relationships
  • A 45-minute value packed one- on- one private breakthrough transformation session with Lorna McCarty
  • Bonus #1: 4- 30 minute Private coaching sessions  Value = $400.00
  • Bonus #2: Email Support from Lorna McCarty. Ask any question you have by email, once per day from the start of the program through the 4th coaching session  Value = $200.00

Total Value = $950

Individual Special Price!
You Pay Only = $475!

(50% Savings!)

Couples Special Price!
You Pay Only = $750 total ($375.00 Each!)
(50 % Savings!)

Start your journey with me and I guarantee your life will change forever and for the better. If you are not 100% satisfied with the progress made during our work together I will gladly pro-rate a refund based on the amount of time we have worked together.

Begin your journey for Relationship Breakthrough Transformation NOW!


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