There are two things most of us do well: When uncertainty strikes, its human nature to doubt your own potential. Follow that with thinking the worst of yourself, and drawing yourself that mental picture of a horrible outcome.

Wouldn’t it be remarkable if you had the power to overcome doubt and uncertainty in your life?

Guess what? You do have that power. It begins with a desire to reprogram your mind by veering away from such negative thoughts.

It’s unfortunate, but you can’t control or change everything in life that causes you grief or misfortune. If something is out of your control, start by accepting it, or let it go altogether.

When you live in fear, rather than faith, how you handle feelings of self-doubt could move you in a direction of failure.

Despite the pain you suffer, it is actually easy to be miserable. Misery is a choice, just like making the choice to be contented.

Instead, muster up your courage to face those hard times with a positive attitude. Rise above the torment and you’re more likely to find meaning and greater happiness in your life.

When something doesn’t go right in your life skip the dwelling on what you could’ve or should’ve done differently. Being human means you will make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and become a better and not a bitter version of yourself.

Lorna McCarty is a Relationship Success Strategist and the founder of Phoenix Rising Relationship Coaching. It is her mission to help women conquer their fears and the struggles that stop them from being the best version of themselves.  

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