A Reason, A Rhythm, And a Song in Your Heart

How many muscles does it take to smile? There seems to be no definitive answer. But, as a child, I was frequently encouraged to smile. I was told it was more work to wear a frown. One thing I do know, smiling makes me happier.

There is something about wearing a smile and feeling the positive sensation of it. Whether you wear the smile, or you see someone else smiling, it’s the encouragement you feel that is uplifting.

Smiling is contagious. It’s like a domino effect. You smile at someone and then someone else smiles back at you. This wave of positivity creates motivation and the desire to be better-off.

It seems like out of nowhere that connection to motivation actually changes how you choose to live. Your focus moves toward enjoying what you’re doing. You forget about wasting time on the focus of what you didn’t do.

Through your optimistic outlook you can concentrate on successfully getting through the most difficult scenarios in life with more ease.

Making the choice to take action first, then triggers a natural rhythm that puts you in a state of flow, creating a wave of accountability and accomplishment.

Once you are in that state of flow, watch out, because the motivation to do more and to be more successful continues to rise to the point of feeling that amazing sweet spot we call, “positive energy output.”

There is something about attaining a level of being in your groove that feels magnificent!

When was the last time you had a song in your heart that created such an incredible level of motivation that it led you to an extremely productive day?

Here is how to put a plan of action in place:

1.    Be sure to make a list and write down what you want to accomplish each day. Complete your list of written “to do’s” prior to going to sleep for the night. By taking this action you will have goals in place to reach, and a set direction to move in for each new day.

2.    Ensure you get eight hours of restful sleep. Wake up eager to greet the day.

3.    Make sure to drink a glass of water (tepid or iced with a fresh squeezed lemon as soon as you get up in the morning). Drinking lemon water boosts your digestive and immunity systems and it encourages natural cleansing. A simple squeeze of fresh lemon is filled with Vitamin B and C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and antioxidants to promote better health.

4.    Take the time to eat a high protein breakfast. (For those of you that don’t eat breakfast, do yourself a favor and try this option for a week). Here are some suggestions to get you started:

                                Baked Eggs in Avocados w/ Wheat Toast. …
                                Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats. …
                                Cottage Cheese with Fruit and Toast. …

5.    Give yourself the extra time to do a 30 minute workout. This can be done before or after breakfast. The workout will raise your motivation and energy levels to tackle the day successfully. 

Give the above actions a week of your time and let me know if these steps brought more success and clarity into your life.

Lorna McCarty is a certified Life Coach who encourages women to kick their struggles to the curb by elevating the negativity in their lives to positive well-being. Click Here and Schedule a complimentary 30 – minute, consultation today and discover how to be the best version of yourself!