The Secret to Controlling Your Anger

There are all kinds of people in the world. Some folks are friendlier than others, and some can be rather objectionable.

When you engage in conversation, here are your choices:

Respond positively, and genuinely keep the conversation upbeat.

However, when someone chooses to be angry with you, your response is not always so well thought out. It becomes more reactionary. You become more defensive and become drawn into the anger of the situation.

To avoid getting deeper into someone else’s anger, try stepping away from them, and allow the anger to settle, before re-engaging in conversation.

The attitude you deliver is up to you. Your own mood plays a big part in how you respond. Your decision to respond or react is the key to defusing anger.

Some people think it’s cool to be laid back where you never allow yourself to have your feathers ruffled. But, even being laid back can cause others to have an unfavorable reaction.

The way you appear as being laid back, could be perceived by others that you are a person who is lazy and unmotivated. Appearing to be too laid back or uninterested could come off as being snooty or bored with the topic of conversation.

Do you know someone who, from the moment they open their eyes every morning, carries anger and displays it at a moment’s notice?

With people like this, it’s easy to feel uncomfortable around them. If their anger is presented often enough, the desire to spend time with them decreases rapidly.

It seems that many people with anger issues are reactionary and they often choose to think the worst of themselves and people who are around them.

Attempting to deal logically and patiently with someone’s outbursts is hateful and it creates an unhealthy situation.

It’s exhausting being on the receiving end from people who have low opinions of themselves. It’s not a comfortable way to live when you feel you are walking on constant eggshells.

The big question is, why do some people wake up each day acting like they hate the world and everyone in it?

There are many reasons you carry anger.

  • People are often angry due to NOT being happy with who they are or where they are in the course of their life.
  • Continuous anger can mean something is not going according to plan.
  • When you aren’t happy, your ability to let go of situations that cause irritation and deep dissatisfaction become far more difficult to handle.

Anger is a negative emotion that centers itself on only the bad things that are happening to you. You react with feelings of being overwhelmed, doubting yourself, and becoming the victim where you tell yourself that nothing will ever be right again.

  • Little things that are normally solvable become epic problems that get magnified each and every minute of your day.

What is the secret to getting yourself back on track, and discovering a level of anger management?

  • It starts with a more positive mindset.
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, find what is positive about who you areand what you are capable of accomplishing. What can you give back to others to make a difference in the world?

Often times you get so caught up in the ugliness of anger, you forget how miserable it makes you feel.

Let your anger go and start living a life filled with kindness, giving, and appreciation for what you already have in your life.

Ready to entertain some changes that could brighten your day, rather than cause a dark, stormy day?

Unless you are into your own brand of self-destruction, let’s take a shot at putting the anger away. Stop allowing it to cause grief for you and for people that matter in your life.

Certified Life Coach Lorna McCarty empowers women so that they move from struggle to success by elevating the negativity through positive actions that embrace the best version of themselves. Connect with Lorna for a complimentary session today and discover your best self!