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Relationship Breakthrough Transformation Program

Discover how you can take a rewarding path to rebuild love again!

With “Relationship Breakthrough Transformation” you will be able to choose the next steps to take toward a rewarding path of rebuilding trust and learning to laugh and love again—together.

We do the same things in relationships where the excitement has fizzled and the connection is no longer present. We forget to value, love and show kindness to each other.

If you are ready to alter your attitude, shift the negativity in your life and boost higher energy in your relationship, give yourself a gift guaranteed to change your life and your relationship with my Relationship Breakthrough Transformation program.

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Phoenix Awakening

2 hours

2 hour intensive designed with a fast track approach and immediate results.

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Phoenix Rising VIP Day

2 days

VIP 2 day Intensive (5 hrs.) Work individually addressing personal issues affecting the relationship. Focus includes individual strategy and action plan. Learn communication strategies with coaching support.


Phoenix Renewed

6 months

6 month mastery program, including 2 hour intensive, VIP 2 day intensive, create an action plan for the relationship moving forward. Get ongoing coaching support and accountability.


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I was very negative when I first met Lorna, and I found it very challenging to find anything positive in my life. I let bad situations get the best of me. My personal relationships were in bad shape.

Because Lorna saw the best in me, I realized I had the power to create a newer, more positive life for myself. With her encouragement and support I was able to make the changes I needed to have the life I wanted, and to be successful in my personal relationships.Lorna’s coaching gave me a new lease on life. She opened my eyes to new possibilities. For the first time in many years I am feeling a deep sense of freedom and happiness.

I’ve let go of a life that doesn’t work for me. I feel completely liberated now! I’m looking forward to a bright future with great optimism.

~ Mike Clausen – Encinitas, California


Before I worked with Lorna, I was uncomfortable with who I was because I wasn’t being true to myself. Lorna helped me bring clarity to the issues I was having in my life. Lorna is compassionate and she is a good listener. She gets to the point and she gets me. Through her constant encouragement she helped me meet my challenges head on. 

The biggest benefit I got from working with Lorna was her constant presence where she championed my efforts in a positive direction. I gained strength from her energy she brought to our coaching sessions. Her sense of humor and her compassion to help me find the answers I was seeking made me more confident in making better life choices, and creating the inner peace I was searching for.

~ Cindy Hamilton - Modesto, California


Mari MitchellLorna is so passionate about what she does! She believes in your ability to have a happy passionate and fulfilling relationship and will do what’s necessary to help you create one. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is struggling with keeping their committed relationship fresh and renewed.

~ Mari Mitchell-Porter, CPC


Myra Goldick professsional photoLorna McCarty is the ultimate professional. She is highly skilled and conveys her expertise to others with confidence and sensitivity. She was a guest on my Internet radio show and was an absolute delight for my listeners. Lorna is not only an expert in the field of relationship coaching, she is extremely entertaining.

  ~ Myra Goldick, President of Living Through Art, Inc.


Susan WestbrookI needed a consult on a crossroads issue I was having in a relationship. I knew I was struggling with feelings that could potentially sabotage setting the relationship on a new and healthier footing. I had a session with Lorna. She asked me probing questions and helped me identify the underlying cause of what I was feeling. Lorna utilizes a focus on energy levels and used her knowledge of that to raise the level of energy I was putting into the system. As a result, I was able to work through my feelings and move forward in the relationship with less trepidation and second-guessing. I would highly recommend Lorna for her intuitive and caring approach to coaching that lead me to the results I was looking for. 

Transformational Author and Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Masterful Life Leaper

~ Susan L. Westbrook, Ph.d.




Meet with Me in a 1-on-1 Phone Session

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