What’s Possible When You Discover It’s Not Impossible

That’s impossible! It will never happen! What makes you think it’s possible?

These words have been spoken by millions of people throughout the ages. But, thankfully, millions more have rejected these words, and instead, made the choice to start with an idea and turn it into a dream that came true.

Why do so many choose to give up just when something amazing is about to happen in their lives? Is it easier to stick with a sure thing, or do you just give up way too soon because the challenge causes more trouble than it’s worth?

Can you imagine if Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell chose to listen to the naysayers and stopped pursuing their dreams of lighting up the world, or gave up on connecting people through a communication source, called the telephone? Thomas Edison completed 1000 experiments, and then on the 1001st try he invented the light bulb. Talk about persistence!

Great inventors, other geniuses and astounding thinkers who made history, or  make history today, have made the choice to provide a lasting contribution to the world. They refused to let others decide their destinies.

For those of us who are driven to attain success, there must be a willingness to stick with it and achieve the ultimate triumph!

People who succeed typically make the result look so easy. The reality? Achieving success is not at all glamorous. It is a journey you live, with the added bonus of very few up moments and a considerable number of disappointments.

To succeed, failure is the norm. But, getting up again and working through the failure is the key to success.

Whether you’re building a booming business or making a positive impact on the human race, it requires tenacity, brilliance, dedication, and commitment to earn your place among the prosperous.

As a child, I remember my father telling me nothing was impossible. It was all a matter of perspective, and a great deal of hard work. He told me that if you put your mind to it, success wasn’t far away.

I also learned that you are in control of your limitations. Release your fears of not being able to be someone, or being that person who thinks they can’t make a difference. With the right attitude, a belief in yourself and a willingness to believe in possibilities, the world is yours.

Lorna McCarty is the founder of Phoenix Rising Relationship Coaching. She is a cheerleader for humanity, helping women be the best version of themselves.

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